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Web Site Awards Worksheet




Criteria 1

Basic Criteria - Pass/Fail

Please read carefully.  Click on the Get more information icon for additional information.

Criteria 1

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Webmaster/applicant must be at least 18 years of age or older.


Resolution: Site must be viewable at 600x800 with no horizontal scroll bars, unless site states it is designed for high resolution viewing.


Password protected sites cannot be evaluated.


Message boards cannot be evaluated.


Site must be a registered 'Top Level Domain.' (


If site has a guestbook, message board or other posting feature, there can be no infractions of our rules in the postings - rough/obscene language, including screen-names.


Background music: If there is music on your site, an 'off' feature must be provided.


No sites that display 'Under Construction'  graphics will be evaluated.  All good websites undergo continuous construction - it never ends.  If you have a page that is not ready to be displayed, don't provide a link to it.


No Racist, anti-American, sites that intentionally and negatively target religious or faith beliefs or individuals. No hate based sites.  No links to these types of sites.
10 Fan sites and unofficial fan sites cannot be evaluated.


No violence, warez, tobacco or gambling - including ads or links to other sites with this content.
12 No pornography, or explicit sexual content/innuendo.
13 If forms or email function are provided, site must have a privacy policy.  Specifically, how you collect and treat information you obtain through your website.
14 Forced links:  You may not have links that must be clicked before viewing your site/pages. (Must visit sponsor)
15 No forced downloads, like fonts, Comet Cursor, Gator.
16 No non-back-out pages.  The evaluator must be able to leave your site with the browser's back button.
17 No illegal content.  All images/sound and copy must be yours or 'used by permission'. 
18 No hot-linking of images.  Your images must reside in a directory under the domain/site seeking the award.
19 Site cannot promote spam.  This includes advertisements for bulk email software.
20 No cryptic code.  We must be able to read the source code, to score your website.
21 Right-click disabled sites cannot be evaluated.
22 Website must be in English, or have a complete English version.
22 Site must have an awards won/received page - even if you have no awards yet. 
23 Webmaster/Designer must send an email to this address and confirm reading and meeting the minimum criteria requirements (this page), before also submitting the application.  The email address must be the same as entered on the application.
24 Site must be submitted by the Webmaster/Designer.  We do not evaluate sites designed by a third party.  However, we will evaluate sites designed by a collective.
25 Website must have at least 10 actual content pages, not including awards won pages, links, guestbooks and forms... See popup [?]

Dos Leos reserves the right to change or add to the above criteria at any time and without notice.  Any site submitted will be subject to the published criteria in effect, on the date of the application.  Criteria and other pages are occasionally modified to allow better evaluations, a more robust Awards Program and fairness to all qualified applicants.

rev. 3.7     08-16-03

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