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Web Site Awards Worksheet




Criteria 2: Scoring & Winning Tips

This is an exact, non-submitting copy of our actual scoring form.  The "Details" links do work and are intended to provide you with additional information on what we score and how to better polish/refine your website.  We invite you to make use of it and return often.  Any questions can be sent to

All sites are scored on the elements below.  Site starts with 100 points from which there may be deductions.
1. Specific Elements is the area of your site or design elements that will be scored.
2. Details may be clicked to gain useful tips and knowledge, and to better understand what exactly we are looking at.
3. Deduction is the number of points that can be deducted for flaws, oversights, poor design, etc. -00 is no deduction, or for an element that is not applicable.  Some elements have higher deductions, based on importance.
Bonus Points can be earned if the site has outstanding qualities.  The evaluator can add up to +7 additional points.

1. Specific Elements

2. Details 3. Deductions Notes
General Design - First Impression Details Note
META Tags Details Note
HTML Details Note
CSS Details Note
Tables and Cells Details Note
Page Layout Details Note


Graphics Attributes Details Note
Graphics Quality Details Note
Graphics Optimization Details Note
Graphics Originality Details Note
Broken Images Details Note


Presentation Details Note
Progression Details Note
Design Details Note
The Jump Feature Details Note
Site Maps Details Note
Broken Navigation Links (404 errors) Details Note

Flash Elements

Originality Details Note
Graphics Quality Details Note
Sound Details Note
Skip Feature Details Note
Credits Details Note


JavaScript Details Note
Site Rating Code Details Note
Sites With Frames Details Note
Spelling Details Note
Grammar Details Note
Awards Presentation Details Note
Translations Details Note
Forms and Text-Boxes Details Note
External Links Details Note
Background Music and Other Sounds Details Note
Site Content Details Note
Browser Compatibility Details Note
BONUS Points Details Note

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Total Point Score: 

Site Name

Site URL

Evaluation Ending Date:

Evaluation Notes:




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